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Monday, September 10, 2012


 Spending my days in tranquility. Riding motorcycles, seeing mountains, reading, getting nightly dose of high altitude mountain air, ahem, and then watching Amelie and Run Lola Run…
Days staying active, nights watching films and philosophy-ing…thinking of nature and films and meaning of life and of purple haze...
Saturday we drove up to a mountain peak. It was so hot everywhere and then we got to alpine zone and started shaking in our coats. The clouds were right above our heads.  We hurried back down on the serpentine road. Then, we walked around adorable historic town, ate in a Polish restaurant, got ice-cream. My favorite, mint ice-cream.
Sunday, my step father took me on a motorcycle ride, we went so fast, we drove to a ridge and saw fossils, dinosaur bones, red rocks.
This is such a pretty state, so much to do, so much to see, not enough time, as always, as always.
Deer everywhere. And bunnies.
Ate sushi for lunch today…
Cleaning my mom’s backyard. Lounging in the sun. Getting tanned and sunburned.
 Missing my hubby. Sad face.
I love getting out of Tbilisi for a while.
Gotta go pack.  Tomorrow we go on a trip to Louisiana. Packing for New Orleans. Researching food and French Quarter.  
Ah, that time in your vacation, when there are more days left ahead, then you’ve already spent.
How long will it last?
  p.s. the pic: view from the peak we went on Saturday. Pikes peak


  1. Hello. I very much enjoy reading your blog which I came across recently. Are you leaving Georgia for an extended period of time or just visiting the US?

  2. thanx for ur support. i wa just visitng for several weeks. back 2 georgia now.