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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Country-- the Obscene Post

Fuck this country and fuck its leaders.
Fuck its prisons, fuck its justice, fuck its courts.
Fuck its opposition.
Fuck us for pretending that everything was all right, when boys were imprisoned for ten years for stealing cell phones. Well, at least it is safe to walk the streets, we said. At least nobody steals our cell phones, we said.    And what about those, whose lives would be broken forever, cause of a relatively minor offence? How would they act, when stressed and traumatized, they’d leave prisons and colonies? Oh well, ten years is a long time, we’ll deal with them later, we thought.
Fuck this country, with its valleys and its mountains, with its traditions and its supras, with its ancestors and its folk songs. Fuck it, for all its singing and dancing and conformity.
Fuck the wine. Fuck the food. Fuck the democratic Georgia.
Fuck us, for being silent, for ignoring ombudsman’s reports for years, for caring only about our jobs, our lives, our comfort.
Fuck us, that it takes a video of beating and raping to get us out of our houses, to make us draw posters with brooms, for yelling and screaming, and getting it out, though most likely, this is just to silent our conscience, to do something.
What? What? Will anyone be held accountable? Anyone important? Will anyone be investigated, punished? Will they? Has that ever happened before?
people in the video might get prosecuted.  That’s something. But what about others? The ones on top? The puppeteers? Fuck them.
Oh this country, this poor excuse of a country, does it take elections to start airing things?
What, are we angry? Are we protesting? Is this the first time we heard about it? Really?
Fuck tv channels and journalist, fuck whoever controls them, fuck international organizations for supporting reports, fuck our government for concealing negative ones, fuck liars, fuck torturers, fuck the Orwelian world we live in.
Fuck them and fuck us all, me for example, like I did not know, like my friend’s brother hasn’t been in overcrowded prison with not enough beds, where inmates take turns sleeping for several hours on a bed, while others sit on another bed, and others stand in the room and yet some others stand in the courtyard—cause there is not enough space even to stand in a cell.  Like my friend was not imprisoned for no compelling reason, like he was not beaten, like he did not write about it.
Fuck this elections, when you have to choose between horrible and atrocious, fuck them for not giving us chance to vote, to actually go and vote for once, not stare into the ballot, lost between unworthy candidates.    
Why, why should I live here? Why? Fuck it. Fuck it if you stay and endure this and fuck it if you leave and run away.
What is it, Hunger Games? V for Vendetta? What, what kind of absurd theatre is this country?
My country is the country where some people torture other people, while others still yell ”hail  Georgia--gaumarjos”. Hail what?
Fuck my country.   
p.s. I opened facebook and everybody had these black squares as their profile pics. We mourn. 


  1. :))) fuck it but this doesnot help. i am happy that now everyone has black profile picture and everyone is out, because it was few of us that were out:((((( and most probably this horrible things need to be shown to people so that they wake up. its hard to wake up georgians but i hope they dont go to bed to early.

  2. ra vici,n echvi makvs rom who matters, is ar gadadgeba da uimedoba dameufla.