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Sunday, September 21, 2014


The ghost of the fall has swept across Tbilisi.
I start writing posts and then delete them.
Kazantip is over. We returned for another weekend, danced our feet off, kidnapped pair of Russians and came back to our work.  Since then, I have been trying to avoid fall.
We’ve been walking with the Russians and going to parties. We went to clubs. We drank wine. They drank wine. I don’t like alcohol. It numbs me.
 I have started several posts, about futility of monogamy, about digital photography as the end of my picture-taking, about killings, about 90ies back in fashion and in spirit.
Summer is another planet, wrote someone, summer is my planet, even  unbearable, hot summer, it’s the time when the sea is salty, when the day is free.
...Sometimes I’m scared of this new job adventure, new house adventure, and I guess this is why I keep postponing it, postponing posting the prices on websites, postponing hiring designer, postponing long-term commitments.
I am sitting in my office, alone, waiting for clients to drop out of blue sky.
I had 5 clients yesterday. Clinic clients. It is uneven. It is unstable. I work good. I help people. I just started. I need time.
...I want it all and I want it now.
We’re selling our apartment, you know the one with all-night parties and bar stand and a cat and a hubby and plants on the windows that the said hubby systematically murders while I’m away for trainings.
Mortgage slaves. That’s what will become of us.
Of course, I can always sell my body.  I’ll probably be more successful then now, when I’m selling my mind.
...This summer planet, it was so nice. It had Lviv in it and new friends, it had Batumi with no rain (!), it had Kazantip , I miss the sea, I need more sea, my tan is pealing. I look like a zombie. I did not get enough sea.
When was the last time I got enough sea?
...The thing is, this psychological counseling thing, it’s a gamble. What if the market is not ready? What if I sit in this chair forever?
...Each day, I fear the winter. I keep thinking of cold weather and mushy snow.
Each day, I fear the new day.
...The ghost of rain and yellow leaves.

P.S. the pic: my happy summer planet - I took this pic at Kazantip
P.S.S. I wrote this post a week ago but I had so much work to do that I just couldn't sit down and edit it.
:-( I'm kinda over moping now :-)