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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Snobby Traveling

It is an Earth day today. We were asked to turn off the lights and I am using this dark hour to make fun of the travelling Georgians.

Two weeks ago, I was going to Gudauri. A woman climbed up and tried to secure marshrutka seats for herself and her “children”. Loudly, she demanded “lots of space. I have many bags, BECAUSE I AM GOING TO STAY IN GUDAURI—which, as you all know, is insanely expensive, hint, hint”. She mentioned: “I am travelling with 3 children” 5 times. I bit my nails, imagining a three-hour trip with small kids, when I saw a grown-ass teenage girls elbowing their way to the seats.

We got caught in the snow and we were forced to endure 1. Crappy, angry driver 2. The same 3 songs by “Blue” that the driver played for 5 hours 3. The “svetski” woman and her “svetski” “children”. During the whole trip, I rolled my eyes so much that I almost saw my cerebellum.

And how fun it is to travel with Georgians that are flying home! Once, they thought my friend was a foreigner and held the following conversation in front of him: “When we go back to Tbilisi, let’s say we stayed in a very nice hotel”, “Yes, let’s say that it was a 4 star, not a 2 star hotel!” “Let’s say we had caviar for lunch!” “Let’s say we had a Jacuzzi in our suite!” Then, they saw my friend’s Georgian passport…

Last year, I got stuck in the air/airport for more than 70 hours. I tried to hang out with my American and German co-flyers. Why?

--at the Trabzon airport, I sat down on the floor and got lectured about my ovaries

--at the Istanbul airport, bunch of overdressed ladies complained about “horrible service” and “awful airport”. Being completely satisfied with both (especially compared to Tbilisi Airport) I asked the ladies where were they flying from. They answered “Monaco” and put their noses up. I moved back to my German friend.

--at the Munich airport, a Georgian-looking group of girls in high heels and black dresses wandered aimlessly, until I explained to them how to register for flight. Then, one of them asked me “an intimate question”. She wanted to know if there is a bathroom in the airport. I told her that signs with a man and a woman on them usually signify a bathroom. She disappeared in one of them to put more lipstick on.

Georgian travelers are stuck-up, snobby, disrespectful and just intolerable. You’ll see men spending their last money on worthless duty-free items, just to buy more than their friend did; you’ll see women in fancy evening attire; you’ll see Ministers’ mothers coming back from Monaco; you’ll see drinking, yelling, loud men; you’ll see people criticizing everyone and everybody around them. But if you’re like me, if you do not blend in with the Georgian crowd, cause of your looks, your outfit, your manners, you can take your laptop, watch “the apprentice” and freeze your ovaries off on the cold floors of the airport…and snootily feel superior...

Hour’s up! Time to use electricity again!

pic: me in a Bangkok airport


  1. hahaha...and author is snobby too:-)

  2. what? we were supposed to turn off the lights?

  3. we were supposed to turn off the lights for one hour on saturday evening 8:30-9:30

  4. dzalian saxalisod wer chvens samwuxaro realobaze:))))))))
    erti amosuntkvit ikitxeba, rogorc sheni yvela posti!

  5. ლოოოლ მაგრად ვიხალისე სტატიაზე :)))) ბრავა :P

  6. ROFL- wow, don't even get me started about American travelers or Russians...but that did make my day. : ) Let's all raise a glass to being embarressed by our countries and fellow countrymen! : )

  7. awww you're so much better than the average Georgian traveler. Congratulations for being so non interested in brand clothing,and whlie all the other obnoxious Georgiand are being loud and chattign you quietly watch your shows on your laptop. You're so not like them PLEASE

  8. the last sentence shows that i am making fun of myself too.
    most of the time i am not interested in brand clothing. and when i am not, i am still not as serious about it.
    and i don't like when people brag about their money.
    i can be loud...

  9. Right, that's what I meant! You think you're so cute and self aware compared to the loud, obnoxious Georgians. Good for you.

  10. my blog is becoming a real blog! i am getting negative comments! that means that not only my friends are reading it! exiting!