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Thursday, March 17, 2011

About Japan and about Faith

I woke up determined to write a fun post. But as I scanned through news, I just lost it. I am at work, all alone; I came early to do some catching up. It is actually very weird, how silent it is here.

Japan is facing nuclear crisis. At the same time, those amazing people remain civilized, remain human. There is no rape, no stolen TVs, no fighting for food and water. It was reported that a queue was formed for governmental aid, right by a supermarket with shattered windows. Japanese stood in line, patiently waiting for the food from the government, and none of them, none of them thought of taking supplies from the unguarded supermarket!

Truly, that culture is fascinating and sometimes puzzling for me. How can people stay so well-mannered in time of crises? I couldn’t.

Direct opposite of “civilized” happened in Tbilisi. Some orthodox priest preached about angry and almighty God that punishes people for evil. You know, the God of Old Testament, who supposedly sits on a cloud and kills people he dislikes—because he is merciful like that. Who sends earthquakes in Japan, where, as the priest said, girls are selling their bodies to save money for marriage—because he is merciful like that. Who creates big waves of water to kill those perverted men and women that sunbathe naked--because he is merciful like that! And he will keep punishing everyone around us, except us, because we don’t have prostitutes, because we are saints, because we are bearers of great culture, because we are St. Mary’s country, because we never sin and perhaps, because we don’t live in an active seismic zone!

Something very deep broke inside me. I know that you shouldn’t judge the whole community just by one member. I know that all those brainwashed people that commented positively on that preacher’s speech do not represent every orthodox Christian in Georgia. But the fact that nobody reprimanded that priest, that he is still leading a church, affects me very much. This sermon is a lot more serious matter than stuff like priests attacking Halloween and banning Harry Potter. Cause this time, it is not about ignorance. It concerns people. It is about compassion.

This was the last straw. If being Orthodox Christian means saying that Japan got what it deserved, than I am not Orthodox anymore.

My co-workers start coming. I need to stop typing now.

pic: White is symbol of grief in Japan.


  1. Dear Lika,
    I share your thoughts, and I wish others did as well. For several days I had argument with maybe 10 or more people who I knew or didn't know, they sent me threatening messages, called me Liberal with sarcasm and laughter, yelled at me and told me that I have no god... Well if God is who the priest said he is then I chose to not to be an Orthodox...

  2. facebook wars are funny. i guess we don;t have anywhere else 2 discuss stuff

  3. Oh wow, I didn't realize what the priest was saying, hence the '???' I posted on your status. I don't even know where to begin after reading what you wrote about the priest. Aside from utter depression and righteous anger...again wow. I have always had problems who say things such as "God wills it," or "it's in God's hands." I'm pretty sure God doesn't care about a lot of things- but I would love to believe that God cares about compassion and basic human dignity.

  4. არადა მე ღმერთი მწამს...უბრალოდ ღმერთი ესეთი არ წარმომიდგენია...

  5. the God of Old Testament, who supposedly sits on a cloud and kills people he dislikes"- cxadad warmovidgine da gamecina :)))))) arc me vetanxmebi im dekanozs. sheizleba swored imitomaa aseti antipatia axalgazrdebshi gansakutrebit patriarqis, eklesiis da mghvdlebis mimart, rom aset rames qadagebs samghvdeloeba...things, which absolutely do not make sense at all. :S aseve yvelanairad vewinaaghmegebi patriarqis gafanatebas. page-ze "me ar miyvars chemi patriarqi" isetebi wavikitxe patriarqis mxardamcherbis mier dawerili rom tmebi lamis yalyze damidga :))))))) xalxi ubralod veghar azrovnebs! da marto igineba! :S:S

  6. He never said that the Japanese deserved it. He simply stated that recent earthquakes and disasters are result of God's anger with people who continue to disobey his command.

  7. He simply stated that recent earthquakes and disasters are result of God's anger with people who continue to disobey his command.HENCE, THEY DESERVED IT. THAT'S THE CONCLUSION.

  8. Greetings from America: I enjoyed reading your comments on Neal's blog and now i've found your blog.

    I hope you don't lose your religion just because a big shot in your church says something idiotic. Whenever very bad things happen, fundamentalist all around the world try to blame the victims. Here in the US, many morons follow a TV numbskull named Glen Beck who called the tragedy a "message from God".

    And we seem to have more than our share of numbskulls:

    "U.S. Christian televangelist Pat Robertson said the 2009 earthquake which rocked Haiti and claimed more than 200,000 lives was because the country was "cursed" after making a "pact to the devil." In 2005, after Hurricane Katrina slammed New Orleans, Texas mega-church pastor John Hagee said the storm, which left 1,400 dead, was the "judgment of God" for the sins that took place on its streets. And in 2001, just two days after the Sept. 11 attacks, Rev. Jerry Falwell said the U.S. shared blame for the crisis which had befallen it.

    Read On ABC News Radio:

    Maybe i'm a cockeyed optimist, but these guys don't get me down because i think most people are kinder and more compassionate than the twits on TV.


  9. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks!!!!
    your are so right! I don't think I lost my religion but I definitely lost faith in established religion.