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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Bitings, Travel, Weed, and the Children: the Mix of My Recent Events

Life is back to normal, at least for me, person who nobody knows and hence, nobody pursues.
Several priests are being investigated; we’ll see how that goes. Some violent anti-gay activists got fined 100 Lari each, cause apparently, that’s punishment enough to keep homophobes from beating innocent citizens in future.
Following the failed IDAHO rally, youth with long hair and “different” appearance got beat up, hair burned, hands bitten and chased off the bus. So, they’re biting now. What is this, “Walking Dead”?!
I spent last week recuperating and travelling with my brother and his GF. Our walks around Tbilisi were seasoned with my lamenting about old Tbilisi getting destroyed, day after day, even as we speak and looking for older buildings still untouched by the barbarian remodelers. We also visited Kakheti, Uplistikhe, Kintsvisi, Borjomi, Vardzia and other places. We managed to do that all in around a week, that with me working, plus different family members throwing constant supras  and my guests being tired and jet lagged. I was sad to see them go. Though, they are in a better land of bruise-less IDAHOEs and free pot for all. Well, not free, but very accessible. Go Colorado!
Speaking of, today bunch of people rallied for decriminalization of weed. I was looking forward to this rally for a month; I believe the more people show up, the better chance to change the legislature. But, I forgot, I simply forgot (that’s what happens when you register for the event a month early) and spent that time on getting groceries instead. How middle-class, housewify of me! I am so mad at myself!
Anyway, people gathered and demanded to smoke MJ without getting into jail for 10 years, good luck to them and to us all and I hope this issue will stop being another way to blackmail people (like the cases of  “we hate you so someone will send pot to you in mail and then we will investigate you for it”).  We all would benefit from calm, peaceful, stress-free life under protection of the green god. That may prevent us from chasing each other with the furniture and ensure better future for our children.
Children are the last point of my potpourri post today. June 1st was international children’s day; my co-worker and I came up with a charity event idea for this date. Basically, we asked people to donate paints and candies, we bought some flower pots, rose bushes and a cake, we visited a Bolnisi day center and painted flower pots with the children. Afterwards, we planted the roses, gave kids candy and gardening sets, explained to the caregivers that it is essential for these children to take care of their own plants, ate the cake and had fun.  I have to note that one fun part of our charity event was unplanned: a group of school students (20 of them, to be precise), contacted me through FB and asked to participate. They helped with the rose planting and prepared several songs and dances for the kids. They were fun and young and energetic and I felt like an old, dried-up, boring and controlling person next to them. I wish I were 10 years younger. Please. Why is that impossible?
Thus, last two weeks, I returned to my former self (though the last thin thread that connected my soul to Georgian Church was irreversibly cut and shredded), I spent a lot of time with my family, I organized and successfully implemented a charity event (thank you all, thank you so much for all of your donations!!!!), I missed an important rally and generally, went back to my old and boring self.
Live long and prosper, my friends and thanx for reading my shit.  My last post was viewed and shared a lot.

p.s.  me in Borjomi, away from the problems.


  1. lol, that picuture looks exactly like the ones we took when I was there a million years ago. Borjomi is the best place to relax and recoop after such an interesting week for you! Don't worry, I still don't think you're old and boring, I'd like to think of it like, seasoned and enlightened, like good wine. This is a compliment for both of us since I've been feeling the same way too.