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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Green Monster

Sometimes I don’t understand this country. Sometimes I wish all the bad decisions could materialize into one person; I would find that person, shake that person and scream at him (in my head, he’s got to be a man): “are you nuts? Are you absolutely nuts, don’t you have any brains left?!”
This is what happened: editor of “Liberal” was detained today, charged with drug acquiring-saving-transportation and facing 11 years of imprisonment. 11 years! Do you know what he did? HE RECEIVED AN ENVELOPE WITH POT IN IT FROM HIS FRIEND! That’s right! He did not do anything! Nothing! He did not smoke pot, he did not sell pot, damn it, he did not transport the pot, it was transported for him!!! 11 years!!!
Thus, if I really hate some person, all I have to do is send him a package of pot?! That’s it?! And he will vanish from Tbilisi for a decade?! Damn man, I need to update the list of my enemies…
Several months ago I heard of a respectable person imprisoned for growing green goodness in his apartment for his own use.  How much MJ could he grow in a clay pot on a balcony?! Why is that person dangerous for the society, who does he harm with his home-based agricultural endeavors?!
OMG, years ago I witnessed similar situation with an envelope. I am shaking now thinking of that time and people involved.
My friend was imprisoned with the same bullshit transportation charges, his office searched, his co-workers subjected to all kinds of humiliation and he—placed in a jail where he was beaten and abused. After horrible treatment, he got out and was blessed with monthly pee-checking visits and tons of money paid to the government to be allowed on business trips abroad.
Who do I need to curse?! Who came up with these ridiculous laws?! Is there any committee or any foreign entity that will recommend re-writing the current drug policy?! How long can we stand imprisonment of innocent people?! How long can pot-transportation-distribution be used for political and private vendetta?!
I would also like to remind you that on April 20th, Denver, my native city, the city where I lived for quite a while, the city that has always fought for marijuana legalization (along with the coolest place on Earth--Boulder, where I got my education) held a pot rally, yes that is right, 80000 (the number of zeroes is correct) people simultaneously gathered to exhale marijuana fumes exactly at the same time! And this has been going on for years! And miraculously,  the Colorado society did not seize to exist, its culture is intact, its citizens – not any more violent, or addicted, or dangerous than before the rally!
Just several days after the 420 rally, our justice system traps another victim of our stupid legislature!
I need to get out of here...

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