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Monday, June 10, 2013

Tbilisi Open Air: the Deep Purple Edition

Yes, the sound sucked. Yes, they started to let us in an hour later. Yes, Deep Purple is 10000 years old; but it was worth it.
Tbilisi Open Air this year was supposed to be a big deal. The moment hubby and I heard that Deep Purple is coming, we started screaming and dancing and listening to “Jesus Christ Superstar” in our car. We bought tickets online way before the concert. There was so much fuss about it, so many ads, so many people wanting to go. However, in the end, the stadium was empty.
I arrived at 4:30 and waited patiently till the doors opened, of course later than promised. The girls at the gates tried to give me a different-colored bracelet, but I proudly claimed my pink one and went inside to meet my friends. Food stands did not sell drinks in bottles, I guess to prevent fans from bombarding the singers. Dirty-haired teenagers, curious Tbilisi crowd and several older fans mingled in front of the stadium. It was my first time here, since I hate sports. All in all, the festival was way more organized than the previous ones.
One of the benefits of my current job is having friends among co-workers, friends that actually share the same interests and ventured into this Open Air with me. My perpetually-working hubby was going to be late.
Our section was pretty empty, which gave us plenty of sitting, standing and jumping space. I met an Iranian from Detroit, who flew to Georgia especially to listen to his favorite band the Infected Mushrooms. It’s psychedelic electronic music. He drunkenly offered me some Lemon Haze to puff, but I am too much of a chicken to engage in illegal activities in places packed with police. He found some other partners and they danced the night happily away.
The bands took the stage and I danced and danced. And then, the  climax of the night, the legendary band with dinosaur performers; alas, I had to remind myself, that’s him, that’s him, because the guy looked and sounded nothing like Ian Gillan, but oh well, he is 67 years old. The guitar performed really well, and so did the drums. In the end, I was not surprised, my initial expectations were pretty low. They're still legends and I was still happy to see them.
I wanted to leave afterwards but hubby forced me to stay and I am glad he did. The laser show went up, the crowd tinned out and the Infected Mushrooms performed. My dance plug went off, I started dancing and couldn’t stop. Such continues rhythmic motion results in surge of Serotonin in the brain and numbs your limbs and body to pain. Unfortunately, overtaxing your otherwise physically inapt body leads to sore body parts on the next morning. But I don’t complain. It’s been a while since I’ve completely let loose.
We left after that, my head still moving up and down. Others stayed to listen to Tricky, who, reportedly, sucked.

The night was finished off with a McDonald’s cheeseburger and fries. Tbilisi Open Air 2013 is over. Till the next year, my rocker (ish) friends.
p.s. me at the empty stadium


  1. Very pleased about friends between co-workers, and I like pic as well :))

  2. co-workers everywhere! how can i ever complain about my work if they're reading my blog?