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Monday, April 1, 2013

The Ides of March

March is an unstable month in Georgia and warm days are followed by rainy, windy, whiny days. March in Tbilisi is like one day in Denver: if you don’t like the weather, wait for ten minutes.
Last week was also full of surprises, some sunny, some gloomy, some just plain stupid. After three hearings, our dear parliament came up with jewel legislation: members of parliament may now wear “traditional” Georgian Chokhas! I don’t know exactly what are women supposed to wear in this scenario (mountain costumes? Long white dresses and clip-on fake braids?), but men can freely walk around in a military outfit of Caucasians circa 19th century, re-stylized by Georgian folk dances of the Soviet era.
Two things bother me: 1. Parliament sessions are used to discuss bullshit issues like Chokha-wearing and condom-application (these men just can’t get past their physical appearances!) while education, health and myriad of other issues require immediate attention 2. Choka and such are symbols of extreme nationalism, potentially dangerous and discriminative. Lastly, it is plain stupid. Imagine sitting around in leggings and robe in a room full of suits and ties. To each its own, maybe these men will deny “Western” conveniences like plastic water bottles and gas-consuming cars, switch to horses and metal jugs and thus help the environment.
Another surprise was a free ticket to Makarevich’s concert. Makarevich is an aging Russian rock band leader, who visited Georgia with his Jazz gig; since poisoning people hasn’t paid off yet (my hubby works at a tobacco company), we couldn’t go. The weather gods caused the band’s plane to get stranded in Moscow, concert—delayed, Georgians—drunk in nearby restaurants; one such kind drunk soul gave hubby his tickets. Thus, we listened to nice live music and avoided waiting for two hours of delay.
Speaking of music and unusual surprises, my, was I wrong bashing Tbilisi Open Air, this year they are bringing DEEP PURPLE! IN GEORGIA! OMG. OMG.
Last news, my hubby’s team just had What When Where TV game yesterday: I not in liberty to discuss it before it hits the screens and amazes Georgian public with its brilliance, but man, what a game! Also, the host told me something about the sexist question of the six cups and one pot, how it wasn’t supposed to be featured, but got in anyway and pointed at the person who sent it. I don’t know how to interpret his statement, was it basic acknowledgement that the question sucked but he had nothing to do with it, was it just a response to my post on their FB, did he agree with me or what, but there was some reaction and honestly, I was surprised. The host doesn’t usually talk to me (I am not a VIP player, more like a wife appendix). So, all the kids that wrote on the game’s FB wall, your messages were read and at least considered.
That’s it for the March, I have made so many references to older posts cause this seems like a summary scribble for this season, the season of cold and rain and snow and wind and shitty decisions and depressing winter. Spring is on the doorstep, and before we step into the Epoch of theGreat Stink (aha, here’s another reference), we can enjoy the calm and warmth of April.
Peace and love.
P.S. Tiny asparagus growing on my tiny balcony. Ah, spring!

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