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Monday, March 18, 2013

The Women Degradation Month

This March is Women Degradation Month. Why is it that all the sudden everybody decided to let their inner sexism out?  Probably sexists were reminded of female existence via the March 3d and 8th useless holidays. Maybe they were going about their business and, all the sudden, they got a brilliant insight: “oh, tomorrow is March 8th. Need to buy flowers for the females. Oh by the way, while we’re at it, need to humiliate, degrade and ridicule them!”
Hereby I present to you the plethora of activities planned and implemented in the frames of the Women Degradation Month 2013.
March 8th. Originally, proclaimed to “promote equal rights, including suffrage, for women”, adopted by Lenin as a public holiday and reinforced by the Soviet government to commemorate women’s patriotism and strength during the WW2, this holiday gradually transformed into a day of celebrating "the weak sex", emphasizing women’s beauty and saintliness. Basically, we took a day that celebrated strong women and turned it into day of celebrating trophy wives. There’s a Russian joke “shut up woman, your holiday is March 8th!”. Give them one day a year and choke them with it. A FB group that decided to celebrate March 8th for what it initially was, got virtually attacked by all kinds of people and accused of exaggeration.
The What When Where Female Team Game. I guess the game producers reasoned that because women are different kind of animals, because they think differently (you know, all women use intuition versus mental operations and such) and because it is such an unusual thing for women to actually participate in intellectual games, they need a separate all-female team, because god forbid they actually mingle with the men. Though I believed that this idea is sexist, I am guilty of auditioning for this game. We didn’t know for sure, if they would finally form such team, we could potentially play in other teams and finally, I just really wanted to try and that was the only way. I did not make it but several pretty talented girls did. Now, time after time, the game host does have sexist jokes but nothing too unusual. However, this game was unbelievably misogynist. I did not expect it. I mean, I knew there would be some jokes and shit, but the whole game was full of questions about cooking, getting married, who is smarter in the family, how often do girls use intuition, and such! One sponsor declared that girls play as well as men. Oh really? So they actually measure up to the Male Standard of Excellency? How splendid! The cherry on the top was pretty vulgar question about male promiscuity being normal and female promiscuity being abnormal and the answer to that question pretty much was that the symbols the question involved stood for one penis and six vaginas and one vagina and six penises. Poor girls were so lost, they did not even allow for such answer to be true. They received help from the audience which delivered it in a politer way (they claimed it was about polygamous and monogamous marriage). Anyway, the promo alone was crown jewel of female degradation: Kartli’s Deda is watching you, ladies! OMG! Not the Kartlis Deda!!! Think of the pressure?! I am deeply embarrassed to be associated with this club. I am sorry that my friends had to sit through humiliation. They still managed to play very well. You know, because they are smart and educated.
March of Brides. Rustaveli witnessed an amazing walk this week: women dressed in white dresses flooded the streets in order to support Foundation of Georgian Demographic Restoration, or some bullshit of the same kind. Thus they walked and promoted their uteruses that could produce many, many healthy Georgian babies, who would repopulate this blessed land and spread their seed all over its valleys and hills.
Hence, all the activities were extremely effective in making women feel worthless, weak, pretty objects that are useful only for birthing and flower-receiving purposes. This year’s Women Degradation Month proved to be successful and sustainable. Mission accomplished.
The pic:  the flowers for the ladies...

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