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Monday, March 11, 2013


The weather gods decided to punish me for the sins of my last life, and rained and rained on my head, while I was frantically running all over the town with hand-made posters, forcing friends to hold them. Friends were told that if they refuse to take part in my project, they would be excommunicated forever; they would never receive gifts for their birthdays, or allowed to drink in my apartment. I condemned them to eternal life of sorrow and regret. So, they humbly followed, held posters that made no sense individually and posed with bored faces.
            It’s our fifth wedding anniversary and I tried to make a special gift for hubby. I wrote down the lyrics of Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars, forced friends to film these words and made a video for hubby. It’s on my FB, if you feel like romance.
            Right now, I am sitting in Batumi Sheraton; just had a relaxing spa day; I am waiting for tomorrow to dawn. I have wrapped a memory stick with the video on it and will wake him up via phone call tomorrow morning. I will hide behind the curtains and watch him open the wrapping and plug in the memory stick. I wonder if he falls off the bed or what.
            Also, life is good at Sheraton. They have Turkish hamam, steam room, sauna and a swimming pool. We have nice view of the sea. I’ll be damned if I get out of the hotel this weekend. Usually, when we travel, there’s so much to do and see that we never take time to enjoy the services and amenities. Actually, we don’t usually stay in such nice hotels with services and amenities. So this time, I will pretend that I am rich and famous and I will spa my ass off.
            On the way here, hubby and I talked about crossing the border and maybe going to Trapzon, maybe closer, doing something, but…not gonna happen! Swimming, sauna, books and films and good food, that’s it. Let’s not to do something once in our life. Let’s just to be lazy. But technically, we already did an activity: we toured Prometeous cave and it was so cool! It’s all lit in different colors and you can see all the stalag/mites/tites, and take a boat ride in a cave river! The only downfall was the tour guide girl who clearly hated caves, cave formations, mineral deposits, geological events and such and walked around with a sour face.
            Are you all wondering why the hell am I writing this instead of relaxing? Well, my hubby IS WORKING , and while I understand that if he does not work, we won’t have the funds to stay in any hotel, let alone a nice one, it makes me mad and restless that instead of dining out (I am sitting in a dress and a full make-up), he is fidgeting with some numbers and graphs. I want to start doing nothing already!
            Finally, thanx friends for your help in the making of the epic epic video. You guys are great.
The pic. Hubby working.

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