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Monday, February 27, 2012

Windows, Projects and Desperate Hope

I’d like to write of hope and future and all that is precious and all that is light. I’d like to write about these things accumulating, these things I need to do but never have time to do. These ongoing projects.
For example, the windows project. I’ve been taking pics of windows for around 4 years now. Windows are peculiar, they help us look outside, but they also allow the outside look at us…it’s like a passage from our safe refuge to the world out there. What can be more interesting than walking around, looking into somebody’s windows, sort of like a stalker, but really, all I want is to get a glimpse of others’ stories, that’s all.
When I was little, I was fascinated with the apartments I could see from the street, imagining what it would be like to live in them. For many nights, I stayed up, staring at windows in the opposite house, the ones that had lights on, until they would fade out, one by one.
Anyway, now I have this massive amount of the window pics, waiting to be sorted; some of them are on film, they need to be scanned and god knows where the rest of them are stored…windows in mountains, in Tbilisi, in NY and in Hague…and I solemnly swear that I will produce one wonderful album of these fucking windows and torture people into seeing them.
Let’s see, the other project is to finish building a bar in our house, so that my hubby can put all of his earthly possessions (different kinds of alcohol) in one place and marvel at them. That project has already started so congrats to us, we are actually working on something.
Another project is to watch all the films that I’ve underlined in this pretty comprehensive book on film history. I want to take my amateur film knowledge a little further and actually see obscure thing like Birth of a Nation. I am tempted to skip first 30 years of film, but damn it, I will go through the silent film era, no matter how much I want to just conquer the 70s.
The ever ongoing child project was paused due to the trip to Netherlands (I have to be sure that my future fetus has healthy environment, aka my blood is not poisoned), and of course I will spare you the details, but it’s constantly on my mind.
Finally, when we got married, hubby and I decided to print out two separate lists of countries we want to visit and put it on our fridge--when we’d have a fridge. We could then look at these countries as an inspiration. Hubby did acquire this weird-colored goldenish fridge, but for several years now, we have not pinned a freakin list to it. This week, I swear, this week, the fridge will have its due list.
So, from windows to countries, I have heady things to do, and I just don’t do them and then I lament about how boring my life is.
And you too, shake yourself up, go out, dance, sing, write something, do something!!!Right now, get up and do something, so there can be at least two of us pushing the boundaries of our mundane existence!
P.S. Mysterious window in Netherlands, at dusk.

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