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Sunday, March 4, 2012

TV or No Tv--is that even a question?

This week, please see my other PIK blog for complaining about geo TV.
Here is the beginning:
I get obsessed with things. Films, music, actors. If something shakes me up, I tend to cling to it. This time, it is BBC series Sherlock and the brilliant leading actor, Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes, I am that obsessed--I can actually spell and pronounce that name correctly.
The first time I heard that BBC plans to adapt Sherlock Holmes to be set in a modern-time London, I got worried; I thought they would ruin the beloved classic. But these series are so well-written, witty, classy, and the 2nd season was…oh…
In the middle of my Sherlock frenzy, I understood that I am a liar. I kept telling everyone that I don’t watch TV: my hubby and I stopped paying for Ayety, since we seldom turned it on. Like a snob, I walked around declaring that I am above TV, that I am way too smart to spend my time on something so tasteless. But all this Holmes talk made me realize that I actually watch a lot of TV. Just because I don’t watch TV series on TV—I download them on the Internet—does not mean I am not wasting my time on something so tasteless.
for the rest please check out:
P.S. this is not yet another post about sherlock, I promise. It is about Tv.

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  1. BBC Sherlock is a classic. Great acting, superb music and clever scripts make this a must watch for everyone :)