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Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Battle of the Stalingrad

Last Friday I saw a play worth seeing. I recommend it to everyone, including my non-Georgian friends: it is subtitled.
I don't know, what should I call Rezo Gabriadze's piece. I never thought that puppet theatre could accomplish so much. I couldn't imagine puppets as emotional mediums...
Rezo Gabriadze is a very famous Georgian screen-writer, director and production designer. He is a man of big wit, humor, depth and taste. Recently, he designed a cute little tower by the puppet theatre on 26 Shavteli St. Every hour a little angel comes out and strikes a bell. Really, it's very awwwwww.
After seeing the angel, you should check out the play. Each puppet is handcrafted by Gabriadze and is an art piece. The beginning is especially impressive: we saw a faceless soldier digging out his war past from the sand. The first images stayed in our minds because we were not yet used to these artful puppets and every one of them surprised us. For example, a train made out of an iron bucket.
After a while, we got used to the beauty on the stage and we started taking in the story. It is very minimal. I would even say pretty conventional, story about war, disjointed images, longing, missing, death, love...however, puppets give it a new life, new breath, fresh meaining.
What will you see?
You will see series of images and mini-stories. You will see horses falling in low and ants talking with angels. You will see cars in the dark, humming and helmets marshing and marshing. Your eyes will feast on different artful puppets, some heavy, some light.
I admit that I became centimental. It was just another story about the war, love and death, but it still made me sad.
Or, maybe it was not just another story about the war, love and death...
P.S. pic is stolen from this website: God help my camera leave the state of coma, please!


  1. Awesomeeee :)))
    War,love and Death )))
    You have to work as a PR manager )))

  2. This play makes me think of my childhood, when my mom and I used to escaped from the awful reality outside and just sit and watch something really awsome. Yes, it makes centimental, and it makes one happy that something is still alive. Cause day before yesterday I went to Marjanishvili theater and i just wanted to scream and shout and whatever, because it was a disaster. Cant even sure how to say. soo thats all:))) good post LIk

  3. thanx guys:-)i love ur comments
    sometimes i reread my posts several weeks after i've published them and discover terrible typos.
    4 example: You will see horses falling in low----i meant in love!!!