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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Of Work and Other Things

Well, what can I say? This post is pretty late, sorry, real life took over me. From now on, I won't have enough time to write the post one day, edit it on the second day and spend much time on the pictures. And, by the way, my camera broke down, so we'll have series of picturless posts for several weeks. I usually publish pics that I take, but if the camera isn't resurected, I will start stealing them from the net.
So, this is an amorphous post, concerning all the stuff happening around me. No order, no spell check, no common sense.
Worse of times, definetely worse of times. Cause things just happen around me. And I only have 15 minutes to list them.
Well, like the internally dispalced people chased away from their homes. That is just plain ugly. One women even set herself on fire. Massive hysteria.
What else? Oh, the vetarans prostest meeting by the Abkhazia war memorial. Meeting was broken up, shall we say, not gently?
What else? Trying to figure out how to do house chores when I get home at 7. Not that I do that much at work that I am exhausted (well, not yet), but being somewhere, doing something from 9:30 till 6:30 makes you want to spend your free time watching trashy reality TV, not do the dishes.
And what about nails, hair, shaving my legs? What about picking up outfits and ironing clothes?
When are women doing that?Respect to you, working women with nice nails!
You know how I always claim that being a housewive is lame? Well, it is certainly a lot more relaxing.
Let's see...TLG teachers being fired when they thougth they're gone on a vacation...imagine, you leave your things here, go visit your family in the States, you haven't said good-byes, you haven't written down e-mails and phone numbers, you haven't brought souvenier wine...if anyone still wants our wine...and they let you know that you can't come back anymore. This is how American teachers got fired--while being on vacation, without any prior notice. Great! Let's spread the tales of our hospitality across the oceans!
Oh, and my break is over.
Truly, this is an exceptional country!


  1. ha ha, nice ironic post. love it

  2. this country sucks!

  3. you forgot to add: french people get killed in marriot...lack of normal transport...increasing gas prices

  4. french people?!
    that was one man!