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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Life Taking Over

All the sudden, I have tons of writing to do.
First, this blog. Second, my psychology blog. Third, pretty cool motivation web site that I hope will adopt me.
And I opened my fb page. And I have to put stuff up on it daily. Now I am thinking logo, no logo? Ways to improve?
So of course I have no inspiration to write anything personal.
I am wondering if I started this whole thing just to trick myself into thinking that I am doing something.
Planning conference, translating articles, giving lectures...thinking of a syllabus.
Meanwhile, next week I am turning 30. I am turning 30 and reaching some milestone, or that's what I am told.
But after all, time is arbitrary, age is arbitrary and who said that we have to have something solid by 30?
Who said we have to have a career, kids, house, car, pet? What if I prefer starting from scratch, travelling, having fun?
What if I'd rather write about psychology and provide Georgian subtitles for famous experiments?
What if I just do what I like?
 I think my biggest problem is that I am always looking for outside approval, feedback, acknowledgement.
I think that my biggest problems is false sense of entitlement that successful students get. You think you will graduate and real life will praise you for your efforts, just as those hippy teachers did in the college.
So for now I will do what I do best - get busy, give talks, write posts. And hopefully it will bring some results.
Otherwise, I am just wasting my time.

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