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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

a damsel in distress

Did you know how much it hurts to have honey spread over your butt and legs and then get smacked and hit and then get wrapped in plastic and then walk around it warm leggings and plastic underneath (in August!)? add khena (mud girls put on their hair to make it shiny and reddish) on my hair and plastic bag on my head and you'll realize why I want to be a man--or even my cat--for a day.
This is how I look right now.Plus honey... this post gets spiteful. You've been warned.

Life is full of stupid questions, starting with the stupidest of them all--who am I. We naively hope to find some answers, smarter than 42 (don't know what I am talking about?Dude you need to catch up on your sci. fi. reading!). And though we all have limitless questions, I'd like to list some that I have (becoz I can) and thus, start my first complaining post:
1. why was my apartment building built without an elevator, making it hard to bring groceries to the last floor (where I live)?
2. why can't I find job worthy of my education and offering decent salary+decent co-workers?
3. why do I have to ask my friend's sister to bring me an ipod form states because things are so ridiculously expensive in this goddamn city?
4. why is the rainiest place in Georgia also the place where you want to spread out in front of the sun for at least 6 hours a day? why do we take swimming suites to Batumi if we end up wearing sweaters?
5. why can't dishes wash themselves? or better yet, who in their right mind builds such tiny kitchens, that you can't fit a dishwasher in it, even if you had the ridiculous amount of money they charge for it in our electronics store?
6. why to people in marshrutkas smell?
7. why do I need to visit Georgian gay sites to read advices on oral sex? How long can the straight population of Tbilisi stay so closeted?
8. and finally,
if your day is divided into four parts,
and you hate three of them,
you have no choice but to ask:
why do I have to be woman? Can I be a man for change?
the four parts of my daily life: 1. work 2. cellulites massage 3. housework and dinner 4. husband
(this is the part I like).
p.s. the last part just came home and I have to go.


  1. 1. cause u live in Georgia
    2. cause u live in Georgia
    3. cause u live in Georgia
    4. cause u live in Georgia
    5. cause u live in Georgia
    6. cause u live in Georgia
    7. cause u live in Georgia
    8. why do u hate ur job? i mean get another one if u hate it so much :D

  2. I think you are very brave to post a picture of your deformity. Lots of people say they have "two left feet" because they can't dance well. But you really do have two left feet. What i can't figure out is why your left-left foot has fingers instead of toes. ;-)

  3. surprisingly, nobody asks what's on those feet:-)
    it's chocolate...

  4. I assumed it was mud. Chocolate, eh? You know, your hubby would be an extra lucky man indeed if you were to welcome him home one day wearing nothing but chocolate. ;-)

  5. :-))))
    now that would be a cool story, but real life is lot less exiting...
    i was having anti-cellulite massage course for 10 days and one of those days i got covered in the sticky mix of chocolate, pure caffeine and oil...
    had hard time washing it off.
    it smelled nice though

  6. loving the plastic wrap under pantyhose look!