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Monday, January 12, 2015

Remembering 2014

Sometime around New Year I make a small summary of what happened in my life. It helps me close the passing year and leave it all in the past.
It is an egotistical and self-indulgent thing to do and thank you for joining in.
Thus, this 2014 year:

-          I had one In Vitro fertilization and two artificial inseminations to no avail; next one on the horizon this spring
-          War in Ukraine happened and I still feel very sympathetic towards Ukrainians and very angry towards Putin
-          Sherlock 3 happened; it was fine and magnificent, and we had  Sherlock party to celebrate it
-          I got cured of my Cumberbatchism; I don’t know, maybe he’s just too popular for me now
-          I started new job in an NGO working as a disability expert
-          I took part in TV show “What, When, Where” and sat prettily without really contributing anything
-          Orthan Pamuk visited Georgia and we stalked him and obtained his autograph
-          I started second job – am now counselling at the clinic and welcoming anyone who wants to talk in a safe, confidential environment
-          I went to Lviv for training, gained many new friends and toured such a nice, cute, little city
-          Hubby surprised me with a trip to Cappadocia and it was absolutely amazing; I felt like I was walking on moon
-          I generally went to lots of clubs and spent many nights dancing till dawn
-          I directed and performed in Eve Ensler’s Vagina Monologues
-          I went to the damned and cursed Kazantip and it proved to be lot more moral than I hoped it would be
-          I have finished the first step (it took 1.5 years) in my Gestalt therapy training
-          I translated many, many documents
-          I conducted many, many trainings
All in all, this year brought interesting career developments (I am still trying to navigate in the unknown world of therapy market), it contained a lot of reproductive interventions and when I was not working or getting injected with reproductive shit, I was partying.
Sounds like I just graduated from college.

 The pic: Caucasus mountains in Imereti. The winter is coming.