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Thursday, January 2, 2014

Dear 2013, You Suck!

This is my traditional annual notes on past year. In general, it was a horrible year for me, as I went through times of anxiety, fear, loss of faith in humanity, depression, resulting in a total apathy that is plaguing me as we speak, evidenced by lack of recent posts on this here blog.
And as I look back, May 17th is the sore thumb of 2013. That is the day when something broke irreparably and I realized that this world that I liked, disliked, but generally chewed with a grain of humor (irony, sarcasm) was scary, unsafe, unpredictable and uncontrollable. All this was news to me. Before May 17th, I believed that in general, people are more kind than evil, more compassionate than hateful, more better than worse. I believed that I could build a life in this country, that I could safely raise kids in this country, I believed that I owe some kind of loyalty to this country. And I became hateful. I hated priests, I hated church, I hated monks walking in the street. Took me a while to learn how to stay neutral, how to stop them getting into my head. Stop giving them power to shake me emotionally, in their long black robes, tangled beards and judgmental stares. Freedom came with that, freedom of finally not caring about this institution, of not feeling guilty or sinful while making fun of them...I took my icons down. 
So here's what happened in 2013:
 - I burned myself with hot water and spent two weeks wearing hubby's loose shirts
- I attended TEDx Tbilisi
 - Hubby and I celebrated 5 years of living together by crawling into Batumi Sheraton spa for 2 days
 - We traveled to Armenia, road-tripped through Turkey and celebrated hubby's 30th birthday by flying to Prague; I also had an emergency flight to Denver
- I did a little "blog re-branding", meaning I put pair of my legs instead of my back on the cover
 - A legion of swearing priests chased my friends, my aunt and me on May 17th to prevent us from making a rainbow flag
- My brother visited Geo after 5 years of abstinence
 - I took part in famous Vagina Monologues and performed wonderfully painful  monologue "My Vagina Was My Village"
- Deep Purple came to town
- I started a gestalt therapy course
- We ended up with a new combo of president/premier minister
- I spent a nice vacation in Batumi, crowned by a spectacular event organised by my hubby
- I was paired up with my best friend to conduct trainings on inclusive education in vocational education institutions
 - I quit my job 
-  I experienced my first unsuccessful job interview
- My grandmother died from a stomach cancer, starved and thin, like a concentration camp prisoner
- My treacherous body refuses any attempts to domesticate it and as a final punishment, I am forcing it to accept embryos made in a petri dish
- Benedict Cumberbatch starred in Star Trek, Hobbit, 5th Estate, August Osage County, 12 Year a Slave, and filmed in season 3 of Sherlock
- Breaking Bad proved to be the best TV series ever made
And so, while not all of the year was beatings and woes, and highlights include travelling, parties, my new course in gestalt therapy (now that was an unexpected surprise), and spending weekends away with my college friend turned colleague, and most importantly, discovering tons of support that my poor tortured husband provides, year 2013 has been heavy and ugly and I am glad it is over.   
P.S. the pic: raindeer parked on our glasses 

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