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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Why I Skipped this Election

Once, I wrote a paper on political apathy in college. Using lengthy words and complex sentences I analyzed why Americans are reluctant to vote.
Many years later, here I sit, paralyzed with work and responsibilities, unable to move my butt to the voting center. Political apathy washed over me.
It’s learned helplessness, you know. How many times have I gone, standing in line, crossing out everybody and for what? Some asshole gets elected anyway.
I am tired of having no position and no preference. I am tired of voting against everybody. I don’t know who is worse, Margvelashvili or Bakradze. As a matter of fact, if I didn't know who Misha is, if he were to appear for the first time, I would vote for him. We need a talking, energetic and travelling person. The position is supposed to be symbolic. He would do nice. Though I wouldn't vote for current Misha, after all the prison scandals, raped and nose-broken lovers, money-spending, partying, city “reconstruction” and media-controlling. Bye-bye, this is the end of our uneven, bumpy relationship. I have never voted for you, but others have, so you were my president regardless.
The only thing I know for sure is that Burjanadze is pure evil and Targamadze is a two-faced so-and-so. The only thing I care for is their loss. Please loose! Loose, I said!
I hate this situation so much that I am trying to avoid it. I skipped the debates. I watched the ads only this Friday – they were horrendous. I’ve seen better campaign in my high school in Utah. Low-quality footage, stupid slogans, hell, even the posters in the street are ugly!
The same speeches about unity, gay marriage (like that is even an issue), who did what and where, blaming each other, Burjanadze claiming men should resemble men and women should resemble women, this endless shit of meaningless words, god help us all!
And really, none of it matters, they won’t be able to fulfill half of their promises, since they do not hold such constitutional power! But nobody cares, since constitution is for sissies, and god knows, it all may change tomorrow and we will be stuck with Margvelshvili as an actual decision-maker and our military leader. Then what are we going to do?!
Honestly, I don't have time for their games. Where's my sand, I need to stick my head in it!

Giant facepalm.


  1. The thing is I also have never been so "UN-positioned" or I do not know how to phrase it, I have no idea where are we going and have even more blurry vision of future than I had when we elected Misha. Well back than it was clear that we are going to some kind of craziness, now even this is under the question mark. So yeah, do not even know what to say:( e.m

  2. Would you prefer not being able to vote at all? In a country where there would be no elections never?

    1. Well, we elected a meaningless figure and real leader of our country was assigned to us.
      Thus, we basically had no elections this year.