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Sunday, September 22, 2013

Summer's Almost Gone

We came back to work and we got immersed into pending issues and I so don’t want to do it. The feeling of vacation and freedom lingers on.
This is like a fresh start and a billion of issues surround my head. Stuff at work. Trainings I am taking in Gestalt therapy. Trainings I am supposed to do for the Ministry. In Vitro fertilization on the horizon. Some translations I took on. Selling our apartment. Buying a new apartment. Taking care of my country house documentation. So many things rained on my head. Decisions to be made. Energy to be spent.
Doctor’s visits, apartment excursions, the billion challenges at the Ministry job. This poor blog just hanging in the air, nobody touching it.
I am anticipating several months of chaos and non-stop work, including every weekend for the 2 next months. This is what happens when you open an Inbox account and get a fever of depositing money. Can’t decline additional jobs now.
This August, I have to write about my August, I need to tell you about the unusually nice weather in Batumi, about bike trips, about all-night clubbing, I need to tell you about the prettiest McDonald’s, I need to tell you about a lemon tart in Fan Fan…
I need to tell you about our 5-day road trip, how I lay in the car with my pillow and my blanket, looking out the window, reaching out to the mountains, eating Turkish desserts, drinking Turkish tea. I need to tell you about magnificent Georgian and Armenian monuments of 10th-12th centuries. I need to tell you about billion little castles peppering Anatolia.
I need to confess my love for Turkey once more.
 Visions of Kars, Erzurum, Usufeli… Ani, Artanudji, Oshki…my hubby at wheel…our loyal green Honda…the miracle of straight, paved roads…
I need to tell you about last weekend that we went with a telescope, moon and herbal treatment by the campfire. We made smores! Smores!
The hormones I am taking. The drowsiness and stupidity overtaking my body and my mind.
Hi, friends and lovers, hi everybody who is still with me! Thanks for coming back! Thanks for reading again! I will be back, hanging out my posts for your observation, every weekend or every Monday morning, complaining about my life that I secretly like…
Hey, hang in there, New Year’s vacation will come sooner than you think.
Back to life. Back to reality.

Where will we be, when the summer’s gone?  
The pic: oh, sunny days on the green cape.

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