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Sunday, February 24, 2013

I am running, I am running

Do you ever feel, like you have no time to stop? Do you ever feel overwhelmed?
Thinking of the next month, I feel like I will loose it soon.  Next 4 weekends, I am out of town. On one side, I will be doing fun things, I will spend time with my hubby and my friends, though on the other side, if all of my weekends are spent “abroad”, who will do the cleaning, grocery shopping, laundry?
Most of the time, my apartment is a mess. I clean it up during the weekends and feel disappointed that my precious time goes into vacuuming, when I’d rather be doing something, anything, more productive.
And what if I have a kid? How will I manage all this, and take care of a baby?
Thus, I either do not sleep, do not clean the house, do not spend time with hubby, do not see friends, or do not see my family.
Do you guys also feel like there’s not enough time in a day? Do you sometimes write your personal blog during work hours?
Well, at least I will have plenty of stuff to write about every weekend now. And though we’ll be out of fresh underwear, we will be full of new experiences.
So long friends, till the next week, get ready for the stories of Dilijan and Bakuriani.
I am running, I am running, catch up with me life.


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