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Monday, July 30, 2012

Arriving to Armenia: Getting Lost and Found

some posts, you write them and you like them. and then they get like 15 views and that's it.
this is one of those posts. i enjoyed writing it. we'll see about the views.
here's the beginning:

As I look back, we just wanted to escape the reality, to stop thinking about my impending surgery and myriad of problems hanging over my head and just run the hell out of Tbilisi.
We left later than usual. That always happens, doesn’t it? You plan to leave at 8 A.M. and end up on the road at 12. Poor hubby had to fight plethora of fellow employers to get out for two days; however,  they relentlessly flowed him through phone, internet and other means of communication, causing us to stop along the way so that he could send data to his execs.  Lately, our life has been one big Trump’s Apprentice and my hubby won the title without any doubt (and if you don’t know what I am talking about, you need to get updated on reality competition shows ASAP).
We crossed Geo border without hustle--did not even get out of the car. Geo customs were nice, took our pics with their webcams, scanned our passports and let us through in several seconds, despite the fact that oneof my friends kept giggling like crazy and I thought they would check her alcohol intoxication level, which they did not and she was not drunk anyway. Lesson number 1: if you feel like crossing Georgian border drunk--go ahead, they don’t care.
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