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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Cigarette Tirade

Hey!!! This week, please visit my other blog. here is the beginning: “People discriminate against me, even my professors, the very liberal ones, the ones who claim that men should give birth in order to achieve gender equality, even they discriminate against me”—claimed my friend. I guess I am guilty of the same discrimination. My friend is a smoker and I can’t support her. Going out in Georgia always means coming back stinking like an ashtray. I have never smoked and I can’t understand appeal of it. Smoking has many reasons, nicotine addiction just being one of them, smoking is a social act. People smoke when they are trying to relax (by getting a stimulant in their system), to decrease anxiety (again, by stimulant. Sometimes our psychology fights our physiology), to wake up, when they drink, when they want to look cool, as a rite of passage, to loose weight…"

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