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Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry 2 Christmases and 2 New Years to You!

it's the time when Georgians celebrate two Christmases-regular and Christian Orthodox- and two New Years--again, secular and religious.
Long story short, Russian empire used a different calender century ago, then it switched to the one everyone else is using, but our Orthodox Church still follows the old one (of course it does. how can it modernize?). Let me note that out of all the Eastern Orthodox Churches we and Russians are the only one who are playing this game. Talk about the influences...oh those damn Russians :-)
But, it gives us occasion two celebrate everything twice, so what the hell, it's all good.
It is customary among bloggers to summarize their year in the post, around this time.
I don't know how that's interesting, but some bored-to-death people wander in to read my scattered thoughts, so I will bore them even more by presenting Cliffsnotes of my blog (Cliffsnotes is summary of famous books in form of pamphlets for those too lazy to read the whole book).
This year I:
-Got a job and stopped feeling useless
-Realized how useless I was at my job
-Did not get pregnant (angry face)
-Had new windows and doors installed
-Met several interesting TLG aliens through the blog
-Went to Thailand
-Went to Turkey
-Went to Budapest
-Bragged about travelling :-)
-Bought only three pairs of shoes
-Acquired THE NOOK (an E-reader)
-Participated in some street walks
-Cut my hair very short, twice
-Saw Enrique live
-Criticized everything that moves
-Lost my religion
-Met tonns of new people
-Gained few pounds that all went straight to my...let's skip this part
-Spend last year soaked in the rain in Georgian fucking Barcelona (Batumi)

Thanx for being with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you happy Christmases and happy New Years!! As for me, I will be spending these Holidays somewhere more exiting than Batumi...
P.S. Me and hubby in our Christmas PJ's and Christmas hats by our Christmas tree feeling Chistmasy :-) pic taken by my friend.
P.P.S. We are very cheesy. We own special Christmas PJ's :-)


  1. Likaaaa, I absolutely love your blog, thanks for your posts!!! Well I need to say that though you have spend last Year soaked in Batumi, we had had great time.... We can still remember each and every detail ))) Wish u lots of wonderful and exciting moments next year both with your buddy and your lovely friends ))

  2. Hey Lika, I do know that I and Connie have gained great friends - you and your Giga. Spending time with you was one of thee bright point while we've being in Georgia.

  3. Lika! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year TWICE to you and Giga. I love reading your posts (not boring at all). Thank you for criticizing and bragging. It's very welcome from a reader perspective. Miss and love you lots!

  4. Very sweet post, enjoyed it much, but I have to ask you to do it more often. Merry Christmas!

  5. mec mominda chemi cliffsnotebis chamowera:)

  6. loved it! :)) მეშინია ჩემი cliffsnote-ებში უმეტესობა სევდიანო არ იყოს, მაგრამ მაინც ჩავუვლი, აბა:))