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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Happy Birthday, dear blog

It has been a year since my 1st post.
So, I will re-post it, along with some statistics...

the very first post
Make no mistake about it, this blog is a mental masturbation. A place to complain and whine and satisfy oneself. A place to write and feel good about yourself. To feel fulfillment. Accomplishment. Like what you do (write) matters.
Maybe a few lost souls will wander in and leave their spiteful comments, along the way. Please do. No censorship of any kind allowed on my territory.
I apologize for all the negativity I might pour in here. In real life, I am quite a happy person. But again, mental masturbation is not a public matter. It’s what one does in private behind the lock doors and closed curtains.
How do I even do this thing? I am a person with no facebook account and obsession for correct spelling. Not a typical blogger.
How the hell do I get a tag cloud? Can I get Sex and the City banner instead of these books on the background? How long is a readable post? will my husband feel offended when I write about us? Hello…is anybody listening?
And most important, how do I make people read this? I need some voyeurs!

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Blog statistics
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And this is my favorite: search keywords—the most frequent ones. Note the one about deda-shvili!

pasumonok 15 14

no sex and the city tbilisi 11

sex in tbilisi 5

why are georgians 5

deda shvilis sexi 4

tbilisi sex 4

asaval dasavali 3

drcaa 3

sex and the city

all in all, i have 30 followers and around 50 readers a week. i am happy :-) that means I have readers who don't know me personally :-)
I am not overly ambitious, I just like to scribble some stuff and I am always exited about comments.
Thanx for reading!!!


  1. congratulations on the first small anniversary and wish for the many big ones ahead.

  2. Happy, Happy !!!

    deda shvilis sexi 4 <=== ოიი :დდდ

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  4. WTF?!
    Escorts Barcelona?! how did this get here?!?!?!?!

  5. Yummm. How I'd looooove to give you a backrub, to caress and love your dorsal plexus. Are you a Chinese girl? How bloody lovely, miss gorgeous. Meet me in Heaven, doll, and I'll be thy servant for as long as you need. God blessa youse -Fr. Sarducci, ol SNL

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