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Saturday, June 25, 2011

To Kiss or Not to Kiss

Last Monday I took a refuge at a little park by Marjanishvili bridge. As I was sitting down, I saw two girls and a boy on a bench. The boy was kissing one girl and the second girl was staring somewhere beyond the horizon. I thought, aha, this is a perfect example of a girl not going on a date without her friend, dragging her everywhere (seriously, we had a party once, tickets were sold out, one of our friends asked the organizer to sell him reserved tickets. so she was like fine, show up and will let you in. Then he asked if he could bring his gf. He was told yes. And then he added that he needs a third spot too, because his gf does not go anywhere without her buffer friend). After eating my sandwich, I got up and was surprised: the same guy was kissing the other girl! It was 2 P.M. at a very busy place! I was so surprised, I did not know what to think, other than, go boy, congrats for convincing these girls to kiss you!
The same week, I came across an article describing new regulations that forbid kissing in the parks. As a response to that , a kissing protest was going to be held this Saturday, in the new "park" by the new bridge.
Now, I understand that making-out in public places may bother some people, especially nannies and grandmas who walk little children there. another reason why I find it problematic, is that I have often noticed a pervert in the bushes, doing...yes, you've guessed it right, while looking at some innocent couple kissing on a bench. Also, it just makes people feel awkward, they run through the park, trying not to look left or right, but catching the scene in the corner of their eyes.
On the other hand, being through the whole park thing myself, i understand these couples. I mean where else should they go?! They don't have own apartment or a car, they can't kiss at home, there are no special kissing spots that you could rent hourly :-) and furthermore, many of them are afraid to be left alone in the room, cause they are proper Georgian kids, waiting to get married and then have some alone bedroom time. What, should they just stop kissing? They will find other spots, do we want them to flood our hallways (padiezdi)? Coz that's the other fav. spot, only it is darker, smellier and you are always at risk to be discovered by your neighbors (at least I was...)
Yesterday, a girl in marshrutka was telling her friend about the kissing protest. 600 people registered for it on FB. 100 came. Out of this 100, 4 pairs kissed and others watched.
So, in the end, no one dared to protest. No FB revolution for us.
Damn it kids, you are supposed to do all this teenage, I-am -against-the -world things! Stop smoking and spitting, swearing and fighting, gossiping and bullying, listening and obeying and start the upheaval! Find someone, kiss someone, do something!
You are wasting your time!
As for the park security regulations: ***********************! **************************!
p.s. the pic: hubby and me KISSING IN THE PARK!


  1. ჰა ჰა ჰა მაგარი ისტორიაა! სათაური ბრწყინვალე :დ;)
    ვაშეარებ ფბზე სასწრაფოდ ;)))

  2. აუ მადლობთ, არადა სულ არ ვთვლი, რომ კარგი პოსტი...
    STACIE, thank you so much, I appreciate your comments, especially since you don;t know all this info about what is going on in Georgia, I thought my posts wouldn;t interest you

  3. Do you by any chance have this article? or can you link me to it?

  4. hey i really like your blog
    but i have a question why do u write in english ? and not in georgian ( just being curious:)
    i think i know u , i am flex student soo ..I AM NOT SURE BUT MY INTUITION MAKES ME THINK SO :D

  5. hey!
    i am happy that u like it.
    well, 1st of all, i have many english-speaking readers, foreigners.
    secondly, i write better in english than in georgian.
    thirdly, this is how i filter out unwanted elements :-)
    and yes, i am flex, an old flex, actually

  6. I konw now , u were my PDO teacher in bakuriani:)
    i still have the paper where flex people wrote down wishes for each other .so there is ur writing on it, wishing me finding someone for who I am .:D

    good luck :D

  7. really?
    ძაან მიხარია, რომ კითხულობ. იმედია ჩემზე შთაბეჭდილება არ გაგიფუჭდა :-)

  8. really:D

    dzalian saintereso blogia :)

    da dzalian kargad wer :)