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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Russia As I Saw It--Posolok Gorodskogo tipa

How Soviet is Post-Soviet?
My trip to Russia was fun overall and I certainly don't have enough time to write about it now--my tea is getting cold and I have a seminar to conduct in two days--but I wanted to share this picture of the local school located in a little town/village, or, as I was told in a " Posolok gorodskogo tipa".

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  1. I was always far more interested in post soviet countries rather than western European ones, the reason is simple, post soviet countries are in the process of transformation from one form to another, while west is west. And this transformation is really great and interesting to follow in means of politics, social studies and so on. The pictires like these and others as well show how soviet changes into something western, though I am not sure that it applies to Russia, it does for Georgia.